Sunday, January 19, 2014


2014. It has been a very long time since my last published. Ok tahun ni berazam nak tulis blog kalau rajin. Haha.

Alhamdulillah as per title of the entry. I am blessed. Tahun ni I am a mother of two lovely kids. I safely delivered my 2nd baby on last 27th Dec 2013. Few days before new year.

Here I would like to share pengalaman bersalin anak kedua. Cekidout!!

I was expected to give birth on the 30th Dec. Tapi sebenarnya based on my calculation my Edd will be on the 27th Dec. Ok standby 2 tarikh tu.

26Dec-life goes as usual. Main2 n gurau2 dgn Qaiser. Takde rasa sakit pun. Chill je.

27Dec-Around 4.30am..terjaga dari tido. Rasa basah kat seluar. Ingatkan I ngompol (read:NGOMPOL). Means terkucil dlm seluar.hehe.. Takde rasa sakit pun. Bangun pastu tukar pants pastu tdo balik. Ngantok weyhh.
5.00 am. Bangun lagi. Rasa tak selesa. Terus ke bilik air. Belum sampai bilik air lagi weeeeewushhhhh.... Air keluar!! Laju sgt... I was so shocked and did not expected that my water bag has broke! But why the colour is yellow?

To be daughter nak susuuuuu... >_<

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I take the challenge. I only have not even 2 weeks time to practise and guide my pupils. Yes, I decided to participate the story telling competition. The storyline is about dengue fever. Gosh!! ( Why must dengue fever??)

So today I asked my pupils to memorize the first 3 stanzas of the storyline. Urghh I'm afraid they will not able to pronounce some terms correctly, as the story is about dengue.

With this, I end my entry (*__*)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

When a teacher cares....

i never being so close with my pupils... repeat, SO CLOSE... but this time in year 2012, this one special pupil really touches my heart... he is now being my close pupil.. he always shares his opinion, his thought, his problems..

haha..not being biased to others.. i treat them equally, it is just that whenever comes to this pupil, i will make sure he will get the THAT SOUNDS BIAS!!!

To Nik Muhammad Ikmal, if u read this (well i prefer u won't read this crap ;p) teacher hopes that success will always come with u, no matter what teacher will try my best to make sure u will be a good student, better person in this world and also hereafter... I can always be your teacher :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

---the true meaning of sacrification---

not refering to any dictionary..what is sacrify? the best answer is from the experience u have gone through. i have sacrified several times,it is all about to see the loved ones happy...

a mother,sacrifies her life for her children

a father,sacrifies his everything to give happiness..

a doctor,sacrifies his time to save lives...

a garbage collector sacrifies himself to smell the unpleasant smell

a singer sacrifies her voice to entertain people

sacrify can make others happy but the person who sacrifies may suffer....
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Kurniaan indah dari syurga

Sangat lama tidak berblog..rasanya ni entry kali ke-3 dlm tahun 2011...punca tak update ialah penyakit malas..hehe..

Anyway, diriku selamat menjadi ummi. Tanggal 15102011 lahirlah putera sulungku yang diberi nama Muhammad Rizq Qaiser. Ramai tanya camne leh dpt nama tu..sgt unik kata diorg la..entahla, Allah dah ilhamkan nama cmtu, so gitulah jadinya...

Qaiser selamat dilahrikan di Hospital Putrajaya secara normal..sungguh tak sangka pengalaman bersalin menjadikan aku lebih bersyukur dgn kurnia
an Allah. Next entry nak citer mula2 admit wad sampai la bersalin..SOON OKAY! :)

Terimalah gambar Qaiser yang baru keluar dari rahimku..

Hello world!!!