Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~~~Cute Khalifah~~~

Menulis lagi. Nak guna ayat skema yang penuh dengan ciri2 kesantunan bahasa mcm tak reti, so i just use rojak language la ek.. ;p

Today is my second day at school. Early in the morning, i was assigned to be the time keeper for saringan sukan acara lumba lari.. The kids are so cute..i can't deny that i am really love kids!!

Coincidence, the school principal has 2 twin sons schooling there.. they are still in standard 2. They are so cute. Yg sorg namenya Adeeb Ammar, yg lg sorg Adeeb Aiman.. So gebu and have a fair skin.. So, amik kesempatan la mencubit2 pipinya yg gebu tu..Emmmmmmm!!!! I'll post their pics soon..

Raaamai lg budak2 yg kiut2 kat sekolah nie...they are little khalifah, yg diciptakan Allah dengan berbagai rupa, dan aku doakan sgt2 dh besar nnt diorg akan jd anak2 yg berguna...bukan mat rempit, pencuri, penagih dadah atau apa2 yang negatif...mudah2an diorg akan jadi khalifah Allah yg berguna untuk agama, bangsa dan negara...so, it is my duty to make sure diorg akan betul2 jd manusia...susah nak memanusiakan manusia ni....

The 2 days were gone with no burden to me...it was so relaxing day...but our guiding teacher, Cikgu Rafleena cakap mule2 ni mmg la rileks, nnt dh masuk minggu ke-2, hamek kau...takde mase nak bernapas..huhuuu... Oh ye, I was assigned to teach English for year 4 while science for year 2..thus i need to do some revision about the subjects..Good Luck to myself!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Day at SK Putrajaya Precint 11(3)

22 Jun 2009....it was a meaningful day to me..but actually i was overslept that day...i woke up at 6.30am!!! i was rushing to the bathroom, put some make-up, then drove all the way from my house to Putrajaya...phewww, that was so stressed!!! Driving while rushing..heheeee

Then it's time for me to set a foot to the school...7.25 i arrived at the school..."Ya Allah, ada perhimpunan hr ni", i was whispering to myself...My buddy, has arrived earlier than me. She was waiting for me in front of the stage..heheee..

Owh, the school is so so so big...with nice environment and good facilities, it may rise the mood to go to the school...

We were sitting at the back, observing the school environment, built some early stage rapport with the other teachers and trying o memorised the teacher's name... ;p

Hmmm...it was a very relaxing day before we are going to the next stress phase...We are lucky enough because our guiding teacher is understanding and she was ex-KPLI student...our headmaster also very kind-hearted...

...The journey is just begin....