Thursday, November 25, 2010

Grammar class

Grammar is part of language. Without it, you would never able to construct a complete sentence. For a simple example, I am waiting. <---- this is a simple sentence, whereby the grammar usage is correct, instead of I is waiting (totally wrong!!!)

In the above sentence, "I" is the subject: (plural for certain situation), "am" is the verb to be for "I" and as this is present continuous, the verb, "wait": must be followed by "ing"

To converse in English fluently, you must know the root of the grammar. So long you know the root, then only you will be able to enhance the skills. For today, let's learn the Present Continuous tense.

This tense is used when describing something that is happening now
:::I am writing the story in my blog now::: True indeed, it is happening now!!

Another situation is to describe something that is happening these days, even it is not happening right now.
:::I am teaching English Year 5 this term:::

Also, it is usually used in speech and in informal writing
:::Bye Fahrin, I'm leaving now:::
:::Yes, he's coming with us:::

Okey, this is simple yet most of us do the mistakes. Read the passage thoroughly and identify the mistakes.

I watch the television. Everyone else in my house is do their own work. My mother does the laundry, while my father read the newspaper. We plan for our vacation to Beijing this coming school holidays. We take the MAS for our trip there.

There are 5 mistakes for you to identify. Good Luck!!!

Fahrin Ahmad in Ku Mohon..haha tetiba ada gambar
FA ni sebab tadi tengok citer dia blakon ;p

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