Tuesday, December 8, 2009

::KPLI::Memories remain::

24 Dec 08, I was so grateful to know that I was the chosen one for KPLI program..12 Jan 09 was my first day being an IPBARIAN...pheww...it was so tough course, where miseries and sorrow haunted me..actually I was always wanted to be a banker ever since I was a kid..with the high confidence and spirit, I did Diploma in Banking followed by Degree in Islamic Banking with the hopes I can be a succesful banker...hahaa... but Allah knows better...2 years spent my time in one of the top bank in Malaysia was so painful...i never thought that being a banker was very stressful...I wish I just can throw away the painful moments from my head..huhuu..

My husband is the most person that always encouraged me to be a teacher...I believed that his prays were being blessed by Allah SWT...Alhamdulillah, I am strongly believe that my destiny is to teach others, and also to be loved by kids...

And now, I have finished my KPLI...without knowing my final exam result, I finally did my Diploma in Education..yeahh...just don't care about my exam result, but too care about my posting result!!!

I am blessed :)

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