Thursday, May 28, 2009


....Cuti...satu perkataan yang very synonym with students...this is the 1st year i am enjoying my school holidays, compared with last job i did which i only enjoyed 22 days a year for the annual leave..huuuu...nak apply cuti pun have to submit one week earlier...punye la susah..have gone through all the miseries!!!

Now, dapat cuti lama...but it doesn't mean that i'll do nothing at home...i have to prepare mentally and physically for my practicuum...i need to do my teaching aids, revising the lesson (esp science which i am not so good in it!! ;p), and most important thing is my voice projection!! arghhhhh.....i know that my voice is too soft...chewahh....yup!! it's crucial when you are having very soft voice to teach in school...but somehow rather,i'll improve on it..

Emm...i beleive that it will be a great moment when i start practicuum..and as my lecturer told me, we need to be very firm when the first step in class...set rules to students,so that i can control the class ;) chayokk!!!

em...probably this coming holidays will turn me into different Herlina!!!

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